About dawin

and humane software, contacts & our history
What is humane software?

Software is everywhere: from coffee machines via smartphones to traffic lights. Would you really like to take care of the software in all of these things?

We would! We are convinced that the software in the myriad of things in our daily lives has a great influence on how we feel. We call this humane software. Humane software, for us, means that technology takes the back seat, while the applications or machines do the work reliably. We also put the user with all of her human needs and capabilities at the heart of our concerns. For our software projects, we always seek out the best resources and ways to ensure that the Man Machine Interaction is as natural and simple as possible – meaning software that feels good and is enjoyable to use. We are not satisfied with less –  shouldn’t you be, either?

Developing humane software is highly innovative and it takes the expertise from many disciplines – for example, language technology, machine learning, design etc. As we said: We at dawin work on technology, that does not have to feel complicated or strange, and we are convinced that innovations can only last if we as people feel comfortable with them. This is the case, for example, if an app communicates with me, while still relieving me of a lot of burdensome tasks. It also means that I don’t have to learn first of all how software works. I should be able to work with it intuitively.

We are passionate coders and help our customers to realise their wishes. Talk to us! We will help you to turn your ideas into reality.

Just one more thing to sum up: We are not just experienced software developers, engineers and pioneers; we are also business people. We understand our field and have proven our ability to develop top class software. First and foremost, we place great store by long-term and constructive partnerships, because the trust and satisfaction of our clients ensure the survival of our company and our income. This is why developing perfectly tailor-made software comes at a price. But don’t worry! So far, all our customers think we are worth the money.

Get to know us! Welcome to dawin – your humane software specialist!


Jan Dreßler

Jan Dressler is the company founder and CEO of dawin gmbh. He is also the part owner and CEO of three contract press companies and a consultant in home-office working.

+49 (0) 2242 96959-0

Gisela Paul
Office Management

Gisela Paul is the contact for accounting and office management.

02242 969 59-10

Sebastian Esser
Head of Sales & Consulting

Sebastian Esser is the contact person for consulting on all aspects of our products, marketing as well as for cooperations, partnerships and customer projects.

02242 969 59-60

Milestones in our history:

1994 – System support/Individual software development
As a young mechanical engineering student, Jan Dresser discovered his passion for IT services and back in 1994, started work as a freelancer in system support for selected medium-sized companies. The company, which was first of all aimed at Data processing in Windows (dawin), quickly developed into a successful all-round provider of IT services and software solutions in the greater Cologne/Bonn area. In addition to recognised software solutions for laboratories, personnel administration as well as maintenance and facility management, dawin also developed tailor-made software for the fields of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

2007 – mobile software solutions
In many companies, it is becoming necessary to efficiently incorporate decentralised processes, formerly dependent on paper, into the company’s IT system. dawin recognised early on the need for mobile data recording solutions and turned this segment into another specialist area in its product portfolio. In this field, dawin dealt mainly with producing solutions for Microsoft operating systems tailored to industry. The platform for mobile data management – dawin checkMaster – is an example of a project developed by the company in this area.

2009 – speech-controlled software solutions
In 2009, dawin took another important step forward thanks to the development of speech-control for its product dawin checkMaster. Since then, the company has been systematically extending its skills in the field of speech-controlled software applications.

2012 – quint voice division by dawin
dawin set up the speech development department. Both SMEs and leading industrial companies from a wide range of sectors and countries make up its customers. quint voice SDK and speech consulting products are added to the product portfolio. dawin became a partner of Microsoft Deutschland GmbH.

2014 – Humane software
Thanks to the pilot project, “visit reports using a mobile phone”, dawin made a breakthrough into the app world. These apps are what we refer to as “humane software” and form a direct, communicative dialogue between programs and people through speech applications as well as assistance and artificial intelligence functions.

2015 – Market Launch of the APP “spicture”
Take a picture, capture your notes, that’s it. This is the clever way to collect data. Simply take a picture with spicture, enrich it with further information such as text, audio or sketches and send it by e-mail. With this, dawin has once again proven that data collection can be easy and fun.

2017 – smatrix agroscience conquers the world of trial data collection
With smatrix, dawin developed a software that simply enters data into a digital table by voice. Especially in areas where hands and eyes must be free for the actual work, this is an invaluable advantage.

2019 – smatrix agroscience for Android is introduced
From spring 2019, smatrix users are able to use an Android version of smatrix as well.