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B2B software development told a little differently. New dawin website online!
Those who develop individual software are used to taking a look behind the scenes at their clients’ companies.

Trust, respect and a pleasant communication culture are thus the basic prerequisites for this special kind of business relationship. As a software company, we gain an insight into the company processes, working habits, market challenges and human interaction in our clients’ companies. This knowledge about the details of everyday working life and their contexts is very important for a software solution that is perfectly tailored to our customers, and is set down by us in what we call user stories.

We want to clearly place the essence of these user stories at the centre of things with our redesigned website. Here, visitors should find reports about what drives our clients and what motivates them and us to look for solutions that are unlike any that currently exist. We also report on innovations and, naturally, we repeatedly say what a wonderful experience it is to overcome obstacles and risks, create something unique, and in the end have the feeling of having made the world a little bit better.

Our new dawin website is thus different to how it was before. It aims to invite people to read it and intentionally employs a contents page reminiscent of a print magazine as a navigation menu.

The website is designed as a typical one-pager. The most recent contributions are displayed prominently as title stories.

What’s more, it was important to us that we can interest our visitors in the broad spectrum of our software stories. The many film contributions and brightly coloured illustrations make visiting the website entertaining and invite people to engage more closely with the contributions.

Those looking for very specific information about dawin products are forwarded to the stand-alone product websites, such as,, and
Yet, as is usual at dawin, we want to continue improving ourselves and also constantly develop our website further. To this end, we warmly invite you to visit our website and give us your feedback on the new dawin web page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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