dawin and specialist, ubitexx GmbH, conclude a partnership

The Troisdorf software company dawin® gmbh is extending its mobile software portfolio, adding mobile device management by ubitexx GmbH.

Essential all-round devices, like mobile telephones etc. continue to hold sway in the construction sector. As well as making calls, taking photos, and sending e-mails, other efficient business solutions turn small devices into valuable aids.

Thanks to efficient devices and innovative software programs, for many companies mobile working with a PDA or smartphone becomes an interesting alternative to working on the laptop or using paper forms.

The streamlined software solution, dawin checkMaster, is one of these innovative mobile solutions. dawin checkMaster can be used in any sector, is multilingual and enables users to replace processes that used to be recorded on paper with scalable electronic checklists. Processing checklists, for test procedures, inventories or tasks for instance, is simple and easy to do using a PDA or smartphone.

“Our clients use our solution not for one, but in some cases for one hundred PDA licences,” says Jan Dressler, CEO of dawin® gmbh, and continues: “When employees have to be mobile, and travel abroad, using these devices, mobile device management makes sense.”

The ubi-Suite mobile device management solution by ubitexx makes it possible to install, secure, maintain and administer as many smartphones or PDAs as you like, centrally, comfortably using cellular radio. Applications and updates are installed and configured, and compliance settings are input securely. It has been demonstrated that ubi-Suite reduces maintenance and administration time for mobile devices by up to 75 %. The availability of smartphones in companies has increased significantly.
The partnership with ubitexx is another example of how the Troisdorf software company has strictly implemented its customer-oriented product and sales policy.

“ubitexx enables us to offer our clients a turnkey service for mobile working and roll out our software quickly under closely-monitored conditions,” says Jan Dressler, pleased with the partnership scheme.

“Companies that want to be successful in the future, need efficient mobile solutions. Thanks to our partnership, we are facilitating mobile working for companies,” says Markus C. Müller, CMO of ubitexx, welcoming the partnership.