dawin checkMaster has made it to the top 20 mobile IT solutions

dawin checkMaster, the software solution for mobile quality measurement systems and checklist solutions, has been voted one of the top 20 mobile IT solutions by the editorial staff of the CME list.

Initiative-taking CMEs provide excellent IT solutions for small and medium-sized companies. After the ITK 2007 innovation prize for maintenance and the object management software solution dawin® suite, the Troisdorf software company, dawin® gmbh, has been awarded a second “CME Initiative” prize.

Jan Dressler, CEO of the Troisdorf software company dawin® gmbh looks happy and says: “Innovations are only as good as the market considers them to be. We are therefore delighted that we have been able to take up a place in the densely populated innovation sector of mobile solutions with our most recent product, dawin checkMaster.
dawin checkMaster can be used in any sector, because the electronic lists are scalable and replace paper. The checklists can be displayed and used conveniently on a PDA or tablet PC. Using the integrated appointment management system or the task input fields, tasks and processes can be managed more efficiently than with Excel lists or paper forms. The recorded data is available immediately for assessment in the database as soon as the checklists have been finished. Other features such as the possibility of exporting from and importing into Excel, as well the multilingual capability of the dawin checkMaster increase the quality of work and efficiency in many business sectors.