Deep Learning Summit 2015 in London

GET READY TO BE INSPIRED. Deep Learning Summit 2015 in London.

Troisdorf, June 24th, 2015: Those who want to set themselves and their company up for a secure future shouldn’t miss the Deep Learning Summit in London this September. This is where top companies, globally renowned academics, innovative technologies, leading business strategists and data engineers will be meeting to prepare for the new world of artificial intelligence.

The internationally operating development and consulting company for human software solutions, dawin gmbh, will also be represented with its Speech Evangelist, Sébastien Bratières.

In his talk, ‘Machine Learning Drives Voice Recognition Forward’, Sébastien Bratières will highlight the influence of artificial neural net models on the rapid further development of voice technology, among other aspects.

During this talk, the audience will gain an insight into the deep learning architectures, from recurrent neural nets and convolutional neural nets to the brand new long-short-term memory architectures, which have recorded the first successes in the field of speech recognition just recently over the past few months. Mr Bratières will address success factors for implementation in the commercial field, pass on his knowledge, such as relating to data protection requirements, and also show ways in which even small teams without their own data centre or extensive databases can make the most of speech technology using deep learning.

Last but not least, he will provide an outlook of the future of end-to-end speech recognition as well as the integration of natural speech recognition.

The Deep Learning Summit 2015 is organised by and takes place in London between 24 – 25 September 2015. Further information about this event can be found here:

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