A look back at: The future of mobile working

The Troisdorf software company, dawin® gmbh, presented its speech-controlled software solution for mobile data recording for the first time. The IT event at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Cologne opened its eyes (and ears) for the new dimension of mobile working.

In partnership with Telekom Deutschland GmbH and Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, the Troisdorf software company, dawin® gmbh, presented its platform for mobile data recording. The special highlight of the event was the live presentation of the speech-controlled data solution, dawin checkMaster.

The information afternoon took place last Thursday at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Cologne. Despite the volcanic eruption in Finland and the travel problems that resulted for some of the guests, the meeting was completely sold out. Accompanied by the event moderator, Wolfgang Bahne, and the special guest speaker, the qualified meteorologist, Sven Plöger, the 4-hour event looked at everything to do with mobile working, increasing efficiency and saving resources.

What we actually understand by climate change, and how we can see this change as an opportunity, was explained by the qualified meteorologist, Sven Plöger, known on radio and television, in his keynote speech. He expressed his challenge to the participants in this way: “Environmental catastrophes and climate change require people to think about the future and then make the future.” He sees the use of mobile – and hence resource-saving – communication technology as a way of making an important contribution to active measures to save the environment.

The mobile working theme was dealt with by Jan Dressler, CEO of dawin® gmbh, in his speech: “Why your next PC should be a mobile phone”. The software solution he presented, dawin checkMaster, makes it possible to create scalable data recording templates, so-called checklists, to be processed using a PDA or smartphone, and then evaluate the captured data in MS Excel or other systems. This program is used for example for stock-taking, meter reading, maintenance tasks, quality measurements and much more.

Oliver Bittis, Mobility Sales Consultant at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, provided insight into something new in the field of terminals for the public, and explained that companies in the mobile sector do not have to dispense with the trusted Microsoft environment. The Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and current Windows phones support efficient and resource-saving mobile working.

Then Shahriyar Anvari, Sales Consulting at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, in his speech, “Telekom Deutschland, high-speed networks of the future – where are we at and where is the future going to take us?”, impressively expressed the efficiency of telecommunications in the field of modern, energy-saving network technology in network development.

The highlight of the event followed. Jan Dressler surprised his audience with a live presentation of the speech-controlled dawin checkMaster. The software company dawin® succeeded in developing a totally speech-controlled mobile data recording solution. The user is told which data fields have to be filled in, and can dictate the desired input. The system can also be totalled controlled using voice commands. Tasks that, until now, because the input screen of the PDA was too small, had to be carried out using paper, can now be completed using the PDA or smartphone alone. The data is available just like that recorded with a pen or using a keyboard or touch screen, and is stored in a database ready to be processed.

An enthusiastic participant at the event summarised speech-controlled mobile data recording as follows: “It’s like having a virtual employee with you who reads out and notes all the information for you. Mobile data recording becomes just like child’s play!”

According to a study by the market research institute, IDC, the number of mobile workers will reach 1.2 billion throughout the world by 2013. Companies that want to successfully exploit this trend, can set the course thanks to partners, such as the ones cited above.