dawin checkMaster

Recording drains with dawin checkMaster

Recording drains with the dawin checkMaster tool results in a 50 % reduction in management outlay for data recording.

At the start of 2009, the engineering consultancy firm, Hans Lais, from Mittelstetten in Bavaria, was faced with the task of recording and documenting all manholes in the district of Grafrath in the Upper Bavarian rural district of Fürstenfeldbruck.

The local authorities decided to carry out this task after recording the waste water drainage system in previous years and it was realised that it was useful to keep data on this. To record the remainder of the manholes it was necessary to: go to the site and carry out a survey, while documenting the results perfectly.

While searching for a practicable solution for this kind of inventory, Hans Lais dip. eng. came across the checklist solution, dawin checkMaster, at the Bau 2009 trade fair.
dawin checkMaster is a client/PDA-based software solution that enables totally individual checklists to be produced for processing with a PDA/smartphone. The fact that this data recording tool was easy to use and could record data immediately as well as the possibility of using it with a mobile PDA convinced Hans Lais dip. eng. that he wanted to use the dawin checkMaster as his data entry tool.

Users of the dawin checkMaster program can create individual checklists themselves; Hans Lais dip. eng., however, opted for the checklist creation service of dawin® gmbh. “I sent just an Excel sheet to dawin®, on which I entered the description of the drain data that I had to record. My customer manager at dawin® then created a full checklist within a very short time”, said Lais, pleased.

The qualified engineer set up the PDA version of the checkMaster on an HP iPAQ 614c PDA.

When actually recording the manholes on site, it turned out that the originally planned method was not practicable and had to be adjusted.
That was not a problem for dawin checkMaster, because Mr Lais was able to change the checklist easily and quickly.

Since then Hans Lais dip. eng, has been recording up to 50 manholes per day with the dawin checkMaster solution. Around 600 manholes have been recorded and documented so far.

Since the drain data can be printed out and archived straight after finishing the check and performing the synchronisation with the client, Mr Lais can also avoid any transfer errors, saving up to around 50% in time recording the drain status data.

More information can be found on the checkMaster at: www.einfach-checken.de