how customised software developed by dawin meets the compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Tailor-made facility and maintenance management

How dawin suite, the customised maintenance management software, meets the compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Linus GmbH is a leading service company for the pharmaceutical industry. This company that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality powder systems is subject to strict controls, which require, among other things, that all site processes be documented.

The aim of developing customised software for this company was to streamline its customer management processes, reduce costs and ensure greater efficiency and safety in the commercial, infrastructure and technical management of its customers.

The individual fields of application such as maintenance management, article or supplier management were brought together as the “dawin suite”, giving the customer quick access to all relevant information and automating its processes. Linus GmbH was therefore able to increase both the quality and the availability of its facilities, while reducing its management and process costs. Furthermore, liability and investment risks were minimised.

Some of the features:
•    Facility part management
•    Facility management
•    Article management
•    Task management
•    Automated notification function
•    Barcode functionality
•    Reporting
•    PDF/HTML/XLS report export
•    Ordering
•    Recording of operating hours
•    Budget management
•    CAD interface
•    Database management
•    Digital signatures
•    Document management
•    Individual part management
•    Filter functions for appointments
•    Floor-space management
•    Building management
•    Help desk management
•    History function
•    High safety standards
•    Individual user management
•    Individual login authorisation
•    Integrated customer management
•    Integrated supplier management
•    Warehouse management
•    Log file assessment
•    Multi-mandate capacity
•    Notes management
•    User-group rights concept
•    Space management
•    Reporting with Crystal Reports quick reorganisation
•    MWM-Libero interface
•    Tablet-PC interface
•    Inventory management
•    Reorganisation/exchange management
•    Contract management
•    Full text search
•    Windows look and feel
•    Access authorisation management