how dawin checkmaster helps to manage the growing number of tests and checks involved in maintenance

Test and checks at Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH

How dawin checkMaster helps to manage the growing number of tests and checks involved in maintenance.

Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH, from Sonthofen in the Allgäu region, is the leading turbo gear manufacture for industrial applications. BHS turbo gears, high-performance couplings and rotor turning gear units are considered to be reliable high-end quality products for plant and machinery installers and for plant operators.

Since the decisive competitive advantage often lies in the “small details”, every year, over 1,300 tests, inspections and checks are carried out. These tests are carried out on simple pieces of equipment, such as chain slings or lifting tables as well as highly-complex CNC lathes. To be able to carry out this myriad of tests more efficiently, the gear manufacturer decided to take another innovative step and introduced the mobile data recording platform, “dawin checkMaster with speech-control”.

The maintenance employees record the inspections on a robust tablet PC, on which the digital lists are executed one step at a time for each test point, and the results are available immediately in digital form for processing and evaluation. A small but decisive highlight in the matter: Employees can record each data item via the speech dialogue. To do this, particularly high-performance headsets are used. Burdensome keyboard input is no longer necessary, and employees can have their eyes and hands free for their actual job. “At the beginning, we were a little sceptical about speech recording. But we are very happy. Even with a thick regional accent, the voice-controlled data recording system is reliable and comfortable,” says Martin Feihl, happily, the deputy manager of the maintenance department in Sonthofen.

The maintenance team consider that one of the great advantages of the checkMaster is that they are able to add to or extend the checklists themselves or adapt the order of the individual test points to the actual process. The checklist repertoire can be constantly extended and conventional paper lists can be gradually phased out.

After transferring the inspection results from the mobile device to the company’s EDP system, the values are available immediately for evaluation – this means that, among other things, the test intervals can be readjusted, or maintenance tasks can be fine-tuned and planned. This is an added-value that meets the company’s high plant safety and product quality demands.