Cutting-edge in tailor-made product development

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. This was the view of Albert Einstein. So, we look beyond the obvious to assess new technologies and implement knew knowledge. This is made possible thanks to our highly-effective team that has a very broad range of fields of expertise. We have engineers, mathematicians, doctors and highly-qualified experts for speech applications, machine learning and design, to develop tailor-made customer solutions. It goes without saying that we are expert software developers – including for mobile devices such as smartphones.

And by the way: dawin software has already won many innovation awards.

Our speech-assisted software developments are a special hobbyhorse, because they allow users to operate devices hands and eyes-free. Furthermore, processes are streamlined thanks to voice-control. With our customer, we identify these business processes and develop a suitable application for them.

We also offer our partner companies consultancy services, both with our quint voice SDK and an interface for speech technology for our partners’ own software developments.