dawin checkMaster

dawin checkMaster closes the media disruption gap for mobile tasks

The new version 2.0 of the software solution, dawin checkMaster, makes using mobile checklists for particular fields even easier.

Maintenance tasks, quality measurements, inventories or simple to-do lists: All these things can now be done easily and comfortably with mobile devices such as a PDA or smartphone. Users of the innovative software solution, dawin checkMaster, are able to create customised tasks and checklists digitally and control the test processes. Results are available immediately for additional processing in a database after completion, or can be transferred to external databases.

So, checkMaster has made the difficult transition from company software such as ERP solutions or maintenance management programs to mobile application solutions. Recording check data using a mobile device is much easier thanks to the extended functionality of version 2.0 of checkMaster. In addition to clickable check boxes, text blocks are now also available, thereby keeping the need to record text down to a minimum.

For improved documentation, such as recording defects, there is also a marking function. Graphics or images taken on site can be described or marked.
In addition to the client/PDA version, dawin checkMaster now also comes as a web-based version.