Developing software is a creative and communicative process

The iterative way of developing software

“People are at the centre –

especially with software


Developing software is a creative and innovative process. New and complex customer needs have to be met and new technologies and media have to be integrated. That makes a project really challenging and sometimes difficult to calculate.

So that complex jobs can be implemented successfully with one project, we proceed as follows:

  • Breakdown:
    Software development is broken down into individual, verifiable steps.
  • Transparency:
    Progress and any hiccups that crop up during the project are made clearly visible for all every day.
  • Verification:
    Product functionalities are delivered to the client at regular intervals and evaluated by the client.
  • Adaptation:
    The requirements of the software solution are not fixed once and for all; they are re-evaluated after delivery and if necessary are adapted following further discussions to clarify the situation.

By proceeding in this way, we ensure that we understand the requirements and the wishes of our clients as well as possible, and that the client can compare his ideas on the software with the delivered production functionalities and can state them in concrete terms. To do this, however, it is important for there to be a close and trusting dialogue between us and our clients. Ultimately, we produce software for people and only through interaction and collaboration with people.

And by the way: We find support for this project philosophy in the project management system, SCRUM. If you would like to know how SCRUM works and what other advantages it has, you can find out more here.