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Would you have imagined that language could one day complete the majority of our workload? Without sacrificing quality, in fact while increasing efficiency and focus? We did. That’s why smatrix exists. The language assistance software excels on many levels, enabling quick and easy data collection in error-free field trials. Now smatrix is also available in Google Play.

Data collection via voice is simple and intuitive. Above all, it’s easy to put into practice. With the Windows version of smatrix agroscience already being used worldwide in plant breeding, trials of varieties and active substances and performance tests, now an Android version is also available to all interested users. Once more, the key element is of course operation and navigation via voice.

No frills. To the point.

Intuitive. Straightforward. But never simplistic – that’s smatrix agroscience for Android. Users no longer even need Excel to use the app. The data is entered in a dedicated table and can easily be exported to Excel if desired.

The software can easily be configured via touch display, with configuration changes even possible during trials. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with Android 6 or higher. If you also use a quality headset, e.g. USB Type C with noise suppression, you’re all set for voice-controlled field trials.

By the way: Our 30-day trial license is available to all interested users, who would like to familiarize themselves with all features

Features say more than a thousand words. 


  • Data collection and navigation entirely via voice input
  • Hands-free / eyes-free: No need to switch focus between gathering and entering your data, no more slipping between rows in the table, which means no subsequent corrections to be made
  • Excel as a universal transfer platform, also compatible with third-party software such as ARM
  • Speech dialogue can be adapted to your individual scenarios and requirements
  • Maximum data security thanks to offline operation: no internet connection required for data collection
  • Brief induction period: no extensive language training necessary 
  • Configuration can be quickly and easily modified via touch display during the trial
  • Available in German (DE), English (US & UK), French (FR & CA), Spanish (ES), and Dutch (NL), Portuguese (PT & BR), with other languages to follow​


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