the pilot project examined the ways in which telephony can be exploited to produce visit reports

Visit reports using a telephone

A pilot project by dawin gmbh examined the way in which telephony can be exploited to produce visit reports. The starting point for this project was the desire to enable customer relations management (CRM) data to be recorded anywhere in the world without being dependent on the Internet.

According to a study by the safety provider, Sophos, the trend is towards mobile third devices. These small, high-performance devices include laptops, tablets and smartphones. They help us to be reachable at any time and to access our digital information or the Internet from anywhere.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could do all this with just one device? A look into our bags filled with plugs and connection cables shows that these electronic assistants are cumbersome and require lots of accessories. And what happens if we can’t access the Internet with these devices?

We therefore wanted to create a solution that could be used without the Internet and would be user-friendly (no keyboard, hands-free, eyes-free) and independent of the operating system, and that could be used with hardware that everyone is familiar with – namely, the tele-phone.

With a telephone we can communicate with each other without a keyboard. Telephones come in all sizes, colours, prices categories and with a range of different built-in functions, and they are one of the everyday tools almost all companies have.
To show that a mobile telephone is sufficient to, for example, input a visit report into a CRM system (Customer Relation Management system), dawin gmbh developed a cloud solution with a tool called “dawin voice cloud”. A test group of sales reps has been using this beta version to input its visit reports into the CRM system using a mobile phone.

To do this, the employee calls his or her company’s voice cloud service number. The system recognises the employee’s number or can request authentication if necessary. After being given authorisation, the sales rep can communicate the report data either in an organised way (for example, by entering address details) or freely (for example, the theme and results of the customer visit). The dawin voice cloud solution turns the spoken word into text and passes the information on to the customer CRM.

Acceptance of this solution is particularly high with mobile employees. They do no rely on an Internet connection and can send report data anywhere, at any time. The administrative part of the sales rep’s work is carried out efficiently and easily – just like making a phone call.

A short information film shows how the system works.